Phyllodes tumor: A Rare Diagnosis with Typical Clinical Presentation.

  • Jeremiah Daniel OSU-MC Diagnostic Radiology


Phyllodes tumors are rare neoplasms of the breast that comprise approximately 1% of breast malignancies. These tumors are fibroepithelial in origin and are difficult to distinguish from benign fibroadenomas.1The most common clinical signs and symptoms are a rapidly growing, painless, mobile breast mass in the upper outer quadrant. Radiology plays an important role in the diagnosis with mammography and ultrasound being an integral component of the initial diagnostic work up.  Most phyllodes tumors are benign; however,  a 5-25% chance of malignancy makes early diagnosis crucial.1Current treatment guidelines recommend wide surgical excision due to an approximately 15-20% chance of recurrence in patients with less than 1cm margins.2Our case demonstrates a unique clinical course of a typical phyllodes tumor in a 29-year-old female.